VanquishIO is the future. Secure, Fast, and Affordable.

We heavily analyzed all other bots on the market to see what we needed to do more effectively - so right off the bat, we got you covered.

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Data in Every Aspect of the Bot

Beta is now open.Exclusive to partnered NFT groups.

We currently have a limited beta ongoing, exclusive to private groups that are interested in partnering with us. If you are interested, please reach out to us below and we will add you on Discord. Groups are given the ability to test VanquishIO for free and are given perks once the bot is out of beta, like the ability to purchase lifetime and a cheaper groupbuy.

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Everything you need to mint projects quicker than ever before, plus much more.

Multiple wallets

The current version of VanquishIO allows for multiple wallet functionalities. You can add a wallet, create a wallet and transfer funds between wallets quickly and efficiently all from the click of a button. Gas is also automatically calculated, always.

Fast Gas Updating

Our gas tracker updates faster than any other bots available. Located on the right-hand corner of the dashboard at all times, there is no need to tab out or look at a second monitor to try and pinpoint gas.

Transaction History

All transactions, successful or unsuccessful, can be monitored in the transactions area. This will allow you to go back and see your history, even after you have deleted the task.

Fastest Minting Ever

When creating VanquishIO, we took a different approach to how we would post transactions to the blockchain. We noticed a vast majority of minting bots have too much of a delay between the time the transaction is started until the time it actually posts. If there is one main aspect VanquishIO is dominating in, it is by far this one.


0.25 ETH monthly+0.15 ETH initial fee for a total of 0.4 for the first month and 0.25 after that, monthlyplus

User is charged monthly.

  • 0.15 initial fee
  • Cancel any time
  • Unlimited wallets
  • Unlimited task creation
  • 24/7 support
  • Mac, Linux, Windows
Buy now

Public sale is not yet open. Beta only.


0.7 ETH Lifetime* This is for original beta users only. Not publicly

User is charged for lifetime fee.

  • 0.15 initial fee
  • Cancel any time
  • Unlimited wallets
  • Unlimited task creation
  • 24/7 support
  • Mac, Linux, Windows
Available for beta users only

Public sale is not yet open. Beta only.

Frequently asked questions

How is the bot secure from hacking?
All data is encrypted and unable to be accessed by any intruders. Nobody is able to gain access to wallet information as this is only available to you, not even this data can be decrypted via admins or developers.
How is information, like wallet private keys, completely encrypted?
When it comes to critical information like wallet private keys, only your application itself is able to decode the encryption, similar to banking or crypto payment applications. It is not hackable.
What other security measures are in place to ensure my information is not stolen?
Sometimes, scary stuff happens that is out of our control. This is not unheard of. After 20 minutes of inactivity, VanquishIO will automatically log you out, again, similar to banking applications. This application is just as serious as any other financial one - your money and personal information is at stake here. Sessions will expire with inactivity. Unless purchased, no other instances can simultaneously be accessed. What this means is if you have VanquishIO downloaded on multiple devices and you try to login on them at the same time, you will be logged out of both.
What about two-factor authentication?
Something no other minting bot has yet is two-factor authentication. During the beta, this will be released - and it will be needed every single time you login to a new session. This is another aggressive security measure being implemented to make sure your information is as safe as possible.
How can I trust the developers and admins of this application?
Admins and developers are unable to see private wallet information. When it comes to your personal information, the only content that can be seen is if a transaction was processed and what plan you are currently on. Ali Alizada, the lead developer and part owner of VanquishIO, is doxxed and has worked in the NFT space since 2017. On top of being an experienced blockchain developer for a multitude of successful NFT and crypto projects, Ali has amassed over a decade of cybersecurity experience and knows exactly what needs to be done to protect VanquishIO users from potential threats.
What makes this minting bot so special?
VanquishIO is not here to bombard you with useless features that look cool, but in reality, are never used. Yes, this is directed towards most other bots on the market currently. It seems these applications try to overcompensate with these useless features to make up for slow task processing. Our bot is simple to use and tackles the goal aggressively - tasks are performed as fast as it can possibly be posted to the block. In fact, during development VanquishIO was being tested against the top 4 most popular, big-name, bots in this market. And it beat all of them by a longshot. Gas updates extremely quickly and all features are easy to understand with a fluid interface. Oh yeah - and we are the cheapest bot, yet. VanquishIO is the future. Secure. Fast. Affordable.
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